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Daikin Lite R32 Wall Mounted Split System FTXF20T – FTXF71T

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About this product

Daikin Lite R32 Wall Mounted Split System FTXF20T – FTXF71T

The Dakin Lite comes in various different capacity ranges.  From 2.0kW to 7.1kWs


Indoor Unit = FTXF20TVMA

Outdoor Unit = RXF20TVMA

Cool (kW) = 2.0kW                     Heat (kW) = 2.5kW


Indoor Unit = FTXF25TVMA

Outdoor Unit = RXF25TVMA

Cool (kW) = 2.5kW                     Heat (kW) = 3.0kW


Indoor Unit = FTXF35TVMA

Outdoor Unit = RXF35TVMA

Cool (kW) = 3.5kW                     Heat (kW) = 3.7kW


Indoor Unit = FTXF46TVMA

Outdoor Unit = RXF46TVMA

Cool (kW) = 4.6kW                     Heat (kW) = 4.7kW


Indoor Unit = FTXF50TVMA

Outdoor Unit = RXF50TVMA

Cool (kW) = 5.0kW                     Heat (kW) = 5.2kW


Indoor Unit = FTXF60TVMA

Outdoor Unit = RXF60TVMA

Cool (kW) = 6.0kW                     Heat (kW) = 6.5kW


Indoor Unit = FTXF71TVMA

Outdoor Unit = RXF71TVMA

Cool (kW) = 7.1kW                     Heat (kW) = 8.0kW

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The Daikin Lite, featuring a coutoured matte white flat panel design, whisper quiet operations and an easy to use controller.

R32 Refrigerant 

R32 is the next generation in refrigerants with 66% lower ‘Global Warming Potential Factor’ than R410A, providing less risk of harm to the enviroment.

Whisper Quiet

Daikin’s Lite Series is not just compact in size but also quiet in operations, featuring an indoor unit operational noise level down to 19dBA* to maintain room acoustics.

Compact Size

Utilising a range of new technologies including R32 as a refrigerant, a redesigned indoor heat exchanger with ø5mm piping a new and large rotor cross-flow indoor fan has resulted in a more compact design forboth the indoor and outdoor machines.

Economical Comfort 

The lite series features up to 4.5 star rating energy performance (2.5kW model) in both cooling and heating operations.

Lifestyle Convenience

Features a simplified backlit wireless remote controller with precision temperature set point adjustment in 0.5 degrees C increments and built-in count up-down ON/OFF timer for convenient set and forget operations.

Coanda Airflow

Discharge louvers are specially designed to stream air upwards along the ceiling for longer throws and delivering rapid cooling and even temperature distrubution in the occupied space.

Design Evolution

Incorporating the latest cutting-edge technologies, the Lite series features a compact modern design, delivering air conditioned comfort more quielty than ever before.

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