Coonara Woody Freestanding Wood Heater


The latest innovation into the Coonara Family is our Remote Control and Thermostat options for our new Woodheater called the “Woody“. You can sit back and relax in the comfort of your armchair and remotely operate this heater to suit your comfort levels. The one thing you still must do is put wood on, but if you have the Thermostat option you can set the desired temperature to suit and then it tells you when to reload the fire by way of a coloured light indicator. How Good is that from the Genuine Aussie Icon.


Where tradition meets innovation.


• Australian Made and Owned

• Charcoal Painted Finish.

• Remote Control Standard.

• Optional Thermostat Control and table

• Heats up to 28 Squares

• 3 Speed Fan

• 10 Year Firebox Warranty

• Grate and ash pan standard

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Coonara Woody Freestanding Wood Heater


A large, convection heater. It is packed full of the latest wood burning technology.


Australian Made:

Proudly Australian made in a high-tech local factory. Coonara are made by Shamic Engineering. An Australian owned company. Famous for their quality heaters that are built to last.



The Woody convection heater packs a punch. Heating up to 270m2 with 65% efficiency. It also  produces low 0.8g/kg emissions. The heater will burn beautifully and reduce smoke. You can use the optional thermostat to control the airflow. This gives you the convenience of gas or electric heating, but with the warmth of a wood heater


Distinctive Modern Looks:

Many wood heaters look fussy, and old fashioned. Not the Coonara Woody. It has bold lines and smart charcoal paint. It looks fantastic in a new or renovated home.

The tall wood stacker option also makes life easier. The wood storage is convenient. The higher door makes loading wood simple.


Finding the Right Location:

The Coonara Woody heats up to 270m2. This makes it perfect for a large, open home. However, it can get quite close to combustible materials. As a result, your installation options are very flexible. You can put it close to a by-rock wall. Or fit it in a corner. Or in a nook. You are only limited by your imagination.



  • Rear – 50mm
  • Side – 300mm
  • Corner –150mm



  • Australian made.
  • Distinctive, modern look.
  • Optional wood.
  • Optional thermostat.
  • Heats 270m2.
  • 65% efficiency.
  • 0.8 g/kg emissions.


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*Price is for unit only. The price does not include flue, installation or delivery. These must be priced based on actual installation requirements.

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