Coonara Settler i600 Inbuilt Wood Heater


Australian made, with wood storage, great clearances and fantastic heat coverage.

Type: Inbuilt

Heating Capacity: 280m2

Efficiency : 62%

Emissions: 1.2g/kg

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Coonara Settler i600 Inbuilt Wood Heater

Coonara Settler i600 Inbuilt Wood Heater: The Warmest Aussie Legend

The Coonara Settler i600 is a finely crafted wood heater that will heat up to 28 squares*. It will also add elegance to your fireplace. With a large self-cleaning viewing window, cast iron liners and 3-speed fan, it will therefore provide optimum warmth and ambience.


Where tradition meets innovation

  • Australian made and owned
  • Glass size 562mm wide 312mm high
  • 3-speed fan included
  • Standard Colour – charcoal

40 Years Of Keeping Australia Warm:


Coonara have been making wood heaters for over 40 years, therefore every new Coonara wood heater represents the next step in the tradition of Australia’s Warmest Aussie Legend.

More than just another wood heater, every Coonara wood heater continues the legacy of Australia’s most popular wood heating brand.

Made Croydon, outside of Melbourne, Victoria. The Coonara factory is state of the art. As is the engineering. Coonara heaters are famous for their quality. As a result a Coonara Settler i600 is built to last.


Form and Function:


Distinctly styled Coonara wood heaters have set the pattern for others to follow. With a variety of options you can make your Coonara wood heater match your own style. Heat your home all winter and make it look amazing all year round.

The current range demonstrates the evolution of Coonara. They are a company where innovation meets tradition and form and function deliver efficiency and pleasure.

A Coonara Wood heater is special, it is The Warmest Aussie Legend.


Learn More


Coonara Australia: Here

Australian Home Heating Association: Here

Energy Hothouse Facebook: Here

Energy Hothouse Homepage: Here


*Price is for unit only. The price does not include flue, installation or delivery. These must be priced based on actual installation requirements.

Weight 1000000 kg

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