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Coonara Chateau



The Coonara Chateau is an example of Australian innovation and engineering excellence. This is a gas log heater is a heater for homeowners who desire the beauty of wood heating with the ease of gas log heating.


Colours Available: Matte black, goldenfire brown, honey glo, titanium, pewter, and blue metallic.


The Coonara Hermitage and Chateau heaters are ideal for those of you who desire the beauty and atmosphere of real wood heating with the easy convenience and efficiency of gas log heating.

They combine modern electronic technology and a power balanced flue system for greater heating efficiency with a beautiful log flame. Designed and manufactured in Australia by an Aussie owned and operated company.






Coonara, Australia’s most popular inbuilt or freestanding wood and gas heaters provide powerful, efficient heating for small to large homes.

The wood heater range consists of 10 models heating from 10 to 30 squares. Standard colour is charcoal, with further colour and stainless steel options available. Most are firebrick lined and have a powerful 3-speed fan.

Coonara’s efficient gas log heaters with realistic flame patterns provide the atmosphere of wood heating with the ease and convenience of gas. There are 13 models in the

Coonara gas range – from the Hermitage console with a 4.2-star energy rating heating up to 12 squares to the Grange which heats up to 20 squares with a 5.1-star rating, one of the world’s most powerful, efficient gas log space heaters.


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*All prices are based on the base spec unit only, flue, installation and delivery are to be quoted as per job requirements

Weight 10000 kg

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