Charnwood Island III


When it comes to big fires, the Charnwood Island III knows what it’s doing. The largest wood heater in the Charnwood range, the flames in this heater are fantastic! From the Isle of Wight in the United Kingdom, all the way to us here in Australia, the Charnwood Island III is ready to heat up your home this winter!


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Charnwood Island III


The most obvious thing about the Island III is its double cast-iron doors. These are made from superior British cast-iron, and can open a full 180°. This gives you plenty of access to your fire. At the front of the doors is a cool-to-touch handle. This is then to both open the door, and when the firebox doors are closed, snaps into place, locking the doors.


The inside of the firebox is just as interesting as the outside. It features sixteen cast-iron fingers lining the bottom of the firebox and are adjusted with the side mounted control. When cleaning you can remove the ashpan easily without mess.


When it comes to your fire, the heat output is incredible, with the Island III heating up to 180m² of radiant heat. The air control on the bottom of the unit allows you to adjust the oxygen intake and adjust the flame and heat with ease.


This air control is notched and cool-to-touch, meaning you can control your fire safely and with ease. And as the heat from your fire rises, it heats the 10mm steel cooktop on the top of the heater. This means you can boil a kettle or use a frying pan on top of your heater.


Flexible Installation Options

The Island III can be top or rear flued. This allows for easier installation into fireplaces, or in two story homes. It can also reduce visual clutter.


When using a traditional air cooled flue kit on a wood heater, you lose about 8% of the heat your heater makes up the flue, as it uses the air to cool the flue down. This means you burn about an extra ton of wood a year to compensate, and your house isn’t airtight.


RSF Flue

Pivot’s Insulated Room Sealed Flue Kit seals the room at the ceiling, meaning you retain that extra 8%, which saves you wood. And with the insulation cooling your flue down, you can rest easy knowing your flue is safe and secure. If you combine the flue with an Outside Air Intake, which brings fresh air from the outside of your home to the heater, rather than the heater taking the air from the inside, you build a true airtight eco-friendly system for your Island III.


The Charnwood Island III brings its old-school charm to the 21st century, creating a brilliant, radiant, soft heat that still looks stunning. And with the quality build and array of features, this is one heater that is going to impress, and keep on impressing.


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*Price is for the one remaining unit. Once sold regular retail price applies. Price is for unit only, and does not include flue or installation. Cash or credit card only. Delivery, collection, or installation within 30 days of purchase.





Heating Capacity



713mm x 765mm x 484mm

Rear clearance to combustible


Side clearance to combustible


Corner clearance to combustible


Clearance to non-combustible


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