Charnwood Cranmore 7


A fresh new heater from the Charnwood range, which is taking the country by storm, this is the Charnwood Cranmore 7. Beautifully designed with a fantastic square glass front, easy to use handles and packed with amazing features, this versatile wood heater will fit in a classic style home or in the latest modern new build.

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Charnwood Cranmore 7

The Cranmore 7 is a brand new heater in the stunning Charnwood range. It features modern, clean lines but still maintains a classic look.  Heating a handy 150m2 area, the Cranmore is also a very effective heater.


All Charnwood heaters are at the top of the innovation tree. It features a large ceramic glass window, that locks in radiant heat and provides a stunning view of the flame. Furthermore, the click controls, snap lock, cool touch door, convenient cooktop, ashtray and the ability to add outside air make this a fully featured heater.


However, it is the stunning afterburn that is the Cranmore’s signature feature. Air holes line the back bricks of the firebricks, giving you brilliant reignition and amazing flames, with extra heat, without any extra effort on your part.  This makes the Cranmore both beautiful and efficient.


Charnwood Cranmore 7 Clearances:

Rear: 100mm

Side: 425mm

Corner: 250mm

Hearth: 900 x 900


Charnwood Heaters:

Exception wood burning heaters. Made on the Isle of Wight since 1972, Charnwood is renowned for its quality, innovation and British style.

Charnwood commits to taking a strong ethical approach to every area of its business. Whether it be how they design and build their stoves, how they treat their customers, or how their products impact the environment.

Their stoves are built to last, clean burning with low emissions and high efficiency. This makes them a perfect choice for customers looking to add style, warmth and sustainability to their homes.

In Australia, Charnwood is distributed by Pivot stoves and heating, one of the foremost wood heating companies in Australia, and the home of other renowned brands including Esse, Pacific Energy, True North and Yunca. With excellent warranty and technical support, you can buy a Charnwood in Australia, with conf


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Heating Capacity



651mm x 535mm x 403mm

Rear clearance to combustible


Side clearance to combustible


Corner clearance to combustible


Clearance to non-combustible


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