Actron Air Serene Wall Split System – 3.5kW

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Actron Air Serene Wall Split System – 3.5kW



Serene style and substance With its sleek form and clever features, Serene will keep your home warm and cosy in winter, cool and fresh in summer and stylish all year round. It’s perfect for apartments, living areas or single rooms and with the greatest temperature operating range on the market, you can take comfort that the Serene will be there for you in those sizzling heat waves, or Arctic cold snaps.

A superior operating range suited for Australia Most overseas air conditioners are only designed with a maximum temperature range of 43º C to 46º C. The Serene operates up to 50º C. Big deal? Yes. The temperature around the outdoor unit can reach far higher than what they’re saying on the weather report due to direct sun or heat radiating off the ground. They’re often located against a wall or fence where there’s low air circulation.


A premium split solution for Australian homes.

The sleek and stylish Serene gives you enormous flexibility at home, keeping you warm and cosy in winter, and cool and fresh through summer. Serene’s perfect for apartments, living areas and single rooms. With its reliability, high performance DC inverter technology and superior operating range, take comfort all year round with Serene.


Easy on the eye
With a matte finish and slim-lined light grey backing, Serene’s styling makes sure it’s a complementary addition to any interior.
Easy reading
A concealed LED display provides easy to read temperature settings when you need it, and a clean uncluttered finish when you don’t.
Strikingly simple
Unlike our competitors who enclose their master switches inside wall units, our Serene has an easy to access external on/off switch should your remote ever go missing.
Go with your flow
With Multi-directional Airflow, you can set ‘up and down’ or ‘left to right’ airflow straight from your remote controller, or set to swing mode to condition the room faster. Serene also remembers your last set position for maximum convenience.
Comfy in a hurry
The Turbo Zone feature powers up the Serene to full capacity to get to your ideal comfort level fast.
Better control in your hand…
Serene’s remote controller features a large screen and buttons, all in easy to read ‘plain English’, for more logical and legible daily use.
…and on the wall
For those who like a little more control, or those who just keep losing the remote, Serene also has an optional wall mounted wired controller.
AC vs DC for rockin’ efficiency and performance
Serene uses more energy efficient DC, or direct current, inverter technology in its inverter compressor, indoor fan and outdoor fan. With an impressive 25 frequency stages, our inverter compressor is up to 35% more efficient than AC technology, while our upgraded DC outdoor fan with five speed settings is up to 40% more efficient. The result is improved efficiencies overall, as well as optimal cooling performance at high and low ambient temperatures, and quieter operation on part load.
Easy installation
An advanced mounting plate, with lift supports and installation templates, ensures your ActronAir installer can have you in Serene comfort in a flash, saving you time and money.
Easy care
Serene’s innovative design allows for the dust filter to be easily removed without ever having to open the actual wall unit. It’s not only a cleaner approach, it’s also safer, avoiding exposure to wires and sharp coil fins. Keeping things easy, you can simply remove Serene’s louvre as well as its directional blades for a more complete clean.
Easy access
When it comes to service and maintenance, Serene features a removable chassis that can be easily disassembled without the need to remove the unit from the wall, saving time and money.

Actron Air Serene 2.6kW

Actron Air Serene 2.6kW

Actron Air Serene 2.6kW



Weight 100000 kg

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