Medium Wood Heaters

Medium-sized wood heaters are the most popular category for Adelaide metro homes.

They are available as radiant, hybrid and convection models and heat areas of up to 220m2.

The popular brands in this category are Nectre, Blaze, Regency, Jindara, Pacific Energy and Coonara.

Medium-sized radiant heaters, such as the Nectre Mk1 and the Jindara Townsend, are perfect for sizeable double brick or stone homes requiring a large thermal mass to penetrate the masonry walls.

Mid-size hybrid heaters, like the Regency Renmark or the Pacific Energy Neo 1.6, use natural convection to heat the air. They also provide good radiant heat from their ceramic glass doors. These heaters are often available with an optional fan to increase the convection effect, but they do not require one to operate.

Hybrid heaters are popular in modern homes with good insulation and a tight seal. They are less physically hot than radiant heaters but provide enough thermal mass to heat the large amounts of insulation used in modern homes.

Finally, convection heaters, like the Blaze B600 or the Coonara C500, are very popular in open-plan homes with ceilings under 3m in height. The highly efficient combustion fan spreads heat over a wider area and reduces the thermal load in the area immediately around the heater.

The fan makes them a great choice when installed closer to furniture or gyprock walls and can make it easier to regulate the thermal load in the heater’s location.

Energy Hothouse has a wide range of medium-sized heaters on display, and our experienced staff can work with you to determine which type of heater best suits your circumstances.

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