Gas Space Heaters

Gas space heaters are one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to heat a room or home.

Energy Hothouse carries various sizes of Rinnai and Braemar space heaters to suit many Adelaide homes.

With a minimum energy efficiency rating of 4.8 Stars, Rinnai’s range of Energysaver heaters outperforms almost all other forms of heating. Sending out warm, clean air creates zero emissions, ideal for those susceptible to allergies or respiratory problems.

The EnergySaver range features a variety of sizes and capacities and can heat up to 90m2 in a residential environment. All models are flued and completely room-sealed, making them safer and more efficient than old gas heaters.

Braemar wall furnaces and space heaters provide an efficient upgrade from older models. They are a great option to replace various obsolete and inefficient units without changing the flue. They can heat areas to 90m2 with a minimum efficiency of 4.2 stars.

Space heaters are a popular choice for older homes with inefficient radiant heaters. They can dramatically reduce your energy consumption and feature power that meets all modern building standards.

Compared to electric heating with a bar or fan heater, a Rinnai EnergySaver can reduce heating bills by up to 60%.

Furthermore, gas heating produces more humidity and is a more pleasant, comfortable form of heating.

All modern space heaters have various flueing options, giving you more choices on install location.

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