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Hot Water Systems

Energy Hot House is a leading hot water heating retailer with extensive experience and knowledge. We specialise in the sales and installation of gas, electric, solar and heat pump hot waters. We are based in Clarence Gardens but we service most areas of Northern and Southern Adelaide up to Gawler and right down to Victor Harbour and everywhere in between.

We supply Bosch and Rinnai continuous flow hot water systems, one of the most cost effective was of heating your water. These units are versatile, never run out of water and can be made further cost effective with the use of a temperature controllers allowing you to set your showering temperature whilst using less energy.

If you haven’t got gas or don’t want gas, then we can supply and install Rinnai, Bosch, Rheem, and Dux electric storage or solar and heat pump hot waters.

We offer 24 hour hot water replacement and can organise your electric to gas hot water replacement. We have an extensive range of hot waters on display, including Bosch, Rinnai, AquaMax and Rheem hot waters for you to come in and see. We can either supply the unit only or supply and install your replacement or new natural gas, LP gas, electric or solar hot water system.

Our highly qualified and trained team of sales and installation people with help you choose the best option for your new hot water, accurately quote you and assist in changing your hot water over with the minimal of delay and fuss.

Gas Continuous Flow

Gas continuous flow hot waters are compact, robust and a cost effective way of heating your hot water. Never run out of water again as these units will continue to heat your water for as long as you need, so everyone in the house will get a hot shower. The use of optional controllers enable you to set temperatures for showering etc, creating a safe environment for everyone in the house as well as further increasing the cost effectiveness of the unit. We stock a wide variety of brands including, Bosch, Rinnai, Rheem, Dux and Aquamax so we will be able to find the right unit for your situation.


Bosch Highflow units are gas continuous-flow hot water systems that are suitable for 1 – 3 bathroom homes. They are compact, space-saving and easy to install.

The range offers a 6+ star energy rating, which means savings on your gas bills!

All Highflow units can be combined with optional temperature controllers, which allow you to shower at your favourite temperature every time and also to stop the hot water flow after a defined volume has been reached. This way you can fill up a bathtub and do something else in the meantime.


The Bosch Condensing Hot Water are high-efficiency systems, available in Natural or LP Gas, feature advanced condensing technology. This means that they can capture additional heat otherwise wasted via flue gases which makes them more than 90% energy efficient. Their 6+ star ratings speaks for themselves.


Why is Bosch Condensing technology so energy efficient?

  • Unlike traditional hot water systems, a Bosch Condensing unit captures heat from exhaust gas and uses it to preheat incoming cold water, making the system highly energy efficient.
  • When heat from the exhaust gas is collected within the secondary heat exchanger, condensation occurs from moisture in the exhaust gas, and the resulting water is discharged from the drain pipe as an environmentally friendly and pH-neutral emission.

Rinnai hotwaters

Rinnai Infinity Continuous Flow hot water revolutionised the way hot water was delivered into the home. The Rinnai Infinity Continuous Flow hot water range will give you:

6.1 Star equivalent energy rating*

  • Low running costs
  • Highly efficient
  • Low greenhouse gas emissions

Superior technology

  • Quality Japanese design and manufacturing
  • Precise temperature control for safety and convenience
  • Compact design allows installation flexibility
  • Suitable for higher ambient water temperatures
  • Compatible with low flow rated shower fixtures (3 Star – 7.0 to 9.0 l/min)

Rinnai quality

  • After sales support
  • 12 year warranty on heat exchanger

*Star rating applicable to 2013 series onwards product only. Independently calculated using Australian Standard AS4552. AS4552 limits the rating shown on the energy label to 6.0 Stars. Where the calculated rating of Rinnai appliances exceeds 6.0 Stars it is designated as an “equivalent” rating.


Gas Storage

If gas continuous flow is not what you’re after you can get gas storage hot water systems. Gas storage units are mains pressure units where tank size that is matched to your needs. Gas storage units are available in highly efficient tanks in either a vitreous enamel or stainless steel, in natural gas or lpg with a 5 star efficiency. Brands include Rheem, Dux and Aquamax.


Electric Storage.

If you don’t have gas available to the home, electric hot water systems might be an option. Mains pressure electric storage units with either vitreous enamel or stainless steel tanks give you a flexible installation for either indoor or outdoor applications and available in varying sizes. Brands on offer are Aquamax, Dux or Rheem.


Solar and Heatpump

Utilising the abundance of the Australian Sun a solar water heater or heat pump can help reduce your energy usage over time and bring your carbon emissions down too. With a gas or electric booster, you can have hot showers all year round – even when the sun doesn’t shine!

Living in Australia, it only makes sense to harness the clean, inexhaustible and free supply of energy from The Sun.

Solar hot water systems are actually very simple consisting of roof mounted collectors absorbing the suns energy which heats the water. The hot water is transferred to a dedicated storage tank ready for use. To ensure there’s always hot water for those not so sunny days, an electric or gas booster is added to the system.

Heatpump Units

Utilising the heat in the ambient air and running it through a compressor, the heat produced in this process is then used to heat water that is then stored in a tank. The heat pump has no need for roof panels or sunshine and can operate in ranges starting at -10 degrees Celsius. Heatpumps Cut up to 75% of running costs compared to Electric & LPG Gas units and lower your overall emissions as well.

Quantum, Rheem and Dux unit are some of the best heatpump brands available and are all on offer.

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