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About Jindara Wood Heaters

Jindara Woodheating was established in the late 80’s and was acquired by AF Gason Pty Ltd in 2001. For many years Jindara has been the choice of heating for many households in Australia, this choice is based on the quality, strength and all round performance of the Jindara brand.

This tradition continues with the latest range of woodheaters that conform to the strict Australian emission levels.

Company Profile

AF Gason Pty Ltd, the parent company of Jindara Woodheating is a family owned company spanning 3 generations; the manufacturing plant is located on a 3.2 hectare site at Ararat in Western Victoria and employs in excess of 100 people.

As well as woodheating, Gason is well known for its innovative agricultural farm equipment and diverse manufacturing expertise for a number of well-known Australian companies.

Jindara Woodheating has been a market leader for 25 years, and has an Australia wide network comprising 150 dealers to service your needs.

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