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What is more Aussie than a back yard BBQ? With the range of bbq’s on offer at Energy Hot House there is bound to be something to suit everyone. We have the Weber range including the popular Weber Q, the traditional and original Kettle and the Spirit on a trolley. The Heatlie bbq is the workhorse flat plate unit that is seen at almost every sporting club and sausage sizzle. Grandfire has a high quality impressive Stainless steel range of BBQ’s. Meaning that all these units are built to last.  Furthermore these  are original, simple but effective bbq’s, all high quality built to last while offering flexibility of installation and style.


Weber is all about the flavour.  Whether it’s our charcoal or gas barbecues, the legendary flavour achieved by cooking on a Weber BBQ is at the heart and soul of everything we do.  Almost everyone knows of the Weber BBQ’s or can spot one.  Weber have a versatile range of bbq’s.
Weber Family Q (Q305AU) NG
Weber Q’s

Unbelievable flavour and versatility, all with the convenience of gas. Turn the simple Aussie staple into juicy, mouth watering masterpieces. It’s not just the amazing barbecues though. Using Weber Q accessories can transform your Weber Q into a brilliant convection oven. Now your Weber Q can cook roasts with that famous Weber flavour. And the Q can cook perfect pizzas, stir fries, vegetables, vegetarian meals and breakfasts. Cakes, muffins and pudding cook just like in the oven. In fact, the Q is so versatile it’s like having all your kitchen cooking appliances rolled into one, cooking just outside the back door.  Consequently helping to keep the kitchen clean, tidy and free of heat and smells. Imagine never having to clean the oven again!

The Weber Kettle- the icon

Over 50 years ago, the first Weber kettle was built. It changed Australian attitudes towards barbecuing forever. For the first time, Weber’s indirect cooking system allowed ordinary people to roast whole joints of meat with delicious barbecue flavour. Even now the incredible flavour of these barbecue roasts still distinguishes the Weber kettle from all the other barbecues sold in this country. As a result, the Weber kettle is the only barbecue in Australia to ever attain icon status. Everyone agrees, it’s synonymous with spectacular food and memorable entertaining.


Heatlie Barbecues


Heatlie have been manufacturing barbecues for over 25 years, so we know our bbqs.Our stainless steel bbqs are the toughest you will find anywhere in the world, and we are here to prove it to you! Our customer service and attention to quality will have you celebrating around your new barbie in no time.Heatlie Engineering was founded in 1976, by the Heatlie family. The current owners purchased the company in 2004.

Heatlie Construction

Our solid hotplate bbqs and outdoor gas cooking appliances have become the benchmark in quality cooking products. They are used widely within the Defence Forces, sporting clubs, National Parks and large public events. They are a caterers delight – because they are tough, durable and they just work! This small family business has worked with local advisors to streamline the manufacturing process, improving turnaround times for orders. Heatlie products are entirely Australian made and are manufactured and assembled by our specialised team.  Meaning products are approved by the Australian Gas Association and are covered for 10 years by the Heatlie Warranty Policy (domestic applications only).  All this means is that Heatlie BBQs are the toughest barbeques in the world.


Powder Coated BBQ

Heatlie Mobile powder coated barbeque, as pictured, shows the 700 size with splashback, warming drawer and end tables.  All Heatlie BBQ’s have two burners running right to left, with controls on the right hand side. Solid 5mm, 10mm and 20mm mild steel hotplates are available.  Stainless Steel hotplates are also manufactured in our factory.  All Heatlie BBQs feature automatic Dual Piezo ignition and removable legs. Heatlie BBQs can be made to suit Natural or LP gas. Available in three sizes; 700mm, 850mm and 1150mm (the size indicates the length of the hotplate.)The Powder Coated finish is available in Burgundy and Black.

Stainless Steel BBQ

Stainless Steel BBQs are available in 3 sizes, 700mm, 850mm and 1150mm (the size indicates the length of the hotplate.)

Heatlie BBQ Hotplates

A range of hotplates to suited to many applications and personal preferences are manufactured. We recommend a 10mm mild steel plate for any commercial application or where the BBQ may be lit for any period of time.

The 5mm mild steel plate will suit most domestic situations, but if for any reason the bbq will be left heating without food on the plate for longer than 5 minutes, you are best to choose the 10mm version.

Stainless steel hotplates are sometimes requested by customers, and while this may not be the best option for heat transfer, they prefer the properties stainless steel provides.

To ensure a good cooking surface for your Heatlie BBQ for the lifetime of your bbq, begin with seasoning the Heatlie hotplate by following the instructions in your new bbq package. This will ensure food does not stick to the plate and will protect from corrosion as well.

Grand Fire BBQ’s

If your demand for style must be matched by incomparable performance, only a GrandFire BBQ is capable of meeting your expectations. Our confidence means you’ll receive the benefit of an outstanding warranty on your new GrandFire BBQ.Grand Fire Deluxe 42 First established in Auckland in 2007, Grandfire is a fully Australasian owned and operated lifestyle products company. Wholesale offices and distribution are located throughout Australia and New Zealand.  First and foremost, Grandfire is your leading specialist for Stainless Steel BBQs.  When it comes to stainless steel, no-one knows it better than Grandfire. Whether it is the grade, the gauge, or the finish, we know what works and what looks great.  Therefore, when you own a Grandfire, you know you own the very best!  Because at Grandfire we carefully select specialist retail partners throughout Australia.

Because Grandfire is the home of serious lifestyle products including Trolley BBQs, ready to build in BBQs, Outdoor Kitchen Units, Kamado cookers, and Outdoor Heating.  The customer will fing Grandfire have a quality solution to fit any of their needs.Grand Fire Deluxe 42


And because all of our products are backed by a full range of replacement parts, we can help maintain your purchase for many years to come. Grandfire – a commitment to serious lifestyle products which are built to last!


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