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The need for Air Conditioning in Adelaide

In Adelaide’s hot dry climate the need for Air Conditioning is important.  Here at Energy Hot House we stock the best brands in Air Conditioning.  These include; Daikin, Breezair, Braemar, Mitsubishi Heavy, Rinnai and Coolair to name a few.  So, we specialise in selecting the right product for your home and arrange the installation  of the system.  Therefore, from information to installation we’ll get it right for you.

The two main forms of Air Conditioning used are Reverse Cycle  and Evaporative  systems.

Evaporative Cooling

Braemar Evaporative Cooling

Braemar Evaporative cooling uses Chillcel® pads to cool warm air as it passes through the water saturated pads.  Another integral part of  Braemar Cooling is the fan.  The fan blows cooled air throughout your home and forces the hot air out through open windows and doors.  Meaning that Braemar Evaporative system is an effective method of cooling your home  in the harsh Australian summer.  In addition, the highly efficient Braemar system uses less power than refrigerated units, hence a Braemar Evaporative system won’t send your electricity bill skyrocketing every time you turn it on.  Furthermore, an Evaporative systems also costs much less to install than most other ducted systems.

The benefits of Braemar Evaporative Cooling are:

  • no stuffy house
  • moist air
  • energy efficient
  • whisper quiet
  • cool nights for sleeping
  • fresh air in the house

Brivis Evaporative Cooling

Brivis Evaporative Cooling units have a central  unit with pads, that sit on the roof.  As warm air passes through these moistened pads, the air is cooled.  As a result, the cooled air then flows through the ductwork and into your rooms.  Therefore, when compared to refrigerated air conditioning, the result is cheaper and fresher.  Best of all, Evaporative cooling allows you to cool the whole house while keeping your doors and windows open.  Perfect for summer alfresco living.

The benefits of Evaporative cooling are :

  • Cheaper to install than reverse cycle
  • Cheaper to run than reverse cycle
  • Healthy
  • Fresh air
  • Moist air
  • Uses less electricity than other forms of cooling

Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Daikin Air Conditioning

Founded in 1969, Daikin Australia has been providing air conditioners for homes and businesses across Australia and New Zealand for over 40 years.  Meaning they are a world leader in air conditioning technology and Japan’s largest air conditioning manufacturer.  This is due to Daikin  investing billions of dollars in research and development .  Furthermore, when you buy an air conditioning system it is an investment for the future.  So whether you’re looking for split, multi-split or ducted air conditioning it’s important to consider a few things.  These include; ongoing running costs, servicing, parts, and the air conditioner’s operating life.  In conclusion Daikin air conditioners offer superior quality, durability and energy efficiency, so you can climate control your home or business more effectively over the long term.

Inverter Technology

An inverter based system keeps changing its cooling and heating to maintain the temperature in the room.  Meaning that, an inverter system works like the accelerator of a car, gently increasing or decreasing power.  As a result, these systems reach the desired temperature quicker and steadily maintain it without fluctuations.

Daikin Split Systems

Daikin’s new Cora split systems includes technology with a range of features, making the Cora one of the most energy efficient split systems.  Another Daikin split system is the Zena series, which is an ideal choice featuring a contemporary design and enabled Wi-Fi connectivity for convenient operations from in or outside of your home.

Daikin Ducted Systems

A Daikin Ducted Air Conditioning System provides discreet air conditioned comfort throughout your entire home.  While the Daikin Ducted system consists of an indoor and outdoor unit and flexible ducting, the indoor unit is concealed out of sight.  In addition, the outdoor unit is also positioned in a discreet location outside your home.  In addition to these ducted systems being installed in new homes, they can also be tailored to suit an existing home, where upon installation, only the controller, the return air and discharge grilles are visible inside your home.


Samsung Air Conditioning

Samsung is a trusted Air Conditioning solution and are active in developing innovative ways to improve their Air Conditioning systems.  These Air Conditioning systems allow you to easily control the daily functions in your home , so that you have more quality time to spend with your family.  We are proud to say that the Samsung brand is part of an intuitive and humanistic product design company and one the the world’s top electronic producers.  Samsung continues to invest heavily in R&D, performance testing and quality control to deliver quality Air Conditioning systems to market.

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